Control4 Centralized Lighting

on Wednesday, 07 October 2015. Posted in Knoxville Home Lighting Control

Take control with One Touch!



Perfect for those building a new home or undertaking a remodel. Centralized lighting allows you to move your lighting controls elsewhere, like a closet, allowing you to replace banks of switches with stylish and elegant keypads! Button customization enables one-touch control of lighting, entertainment, security, climate and more! 

Before this stylish and convienient option you most likely had traditional wiring and light switches throught your home. This can become a messy eye sore for some home owners.  

Interior Designers and some customers may not want multiple dimmers or switches throughout the house, so Control4 came up with a better solution! This new solution eliminates wall acne, increase reliability/robustness & is controlled with keypads.

Now instead of having multiple light switches through out the home your lighting is re wired & re routed to one centralized location and can now be controlled with a single button! Easy, stylish, neat, and  convienient!

Call us today and Brighten up your world with just one touch! 

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Self Monitoring vs Professional Monitoring

on Wednesday, 30 September 2015.

Learn the options & how to choose...


So you’re thinking about getting a home alarm system? You’ve looked at a few options and are wondering to yourself what kind should you get? One that comes with professional monitoring or a self-monitored system, where only you and a select contact list are notified if an alarm is triggered? SO MANY QUESTIONS AND OPTIONS! How can you make a smart decision?

We are here to help! Comparison:

When a professionally monitored home security system is tripped a signal is sent to the monitoring station who can then assess the situation and contact the appropriate authorities if necessary. A self-monitored system only notifies the homeowner or a specific contact list through a text, email or automated phone call.

If the homeowner is busy or doesn’t have their phone on them, then they can’t deal with whatever situation is occurring. Plus, if they are far from their home, they may know that the alarm was tripped but can’t get any information beyond that. Self-monitored systems rely solely on the homeowner to resolve the situation, which may not always be possible.

A professionally monitored system has the monitoring station involved in the assessing process and the dispatching of whatever first responder is needed. This provides unmatched peace of mind and a response regardless of the homeowner’s activities or location

While a self-monitored system is better than nothing, it doesn’t come close to the value that a professionally monitored home alarm provides. The peace of mind and level of security is unparalleled, giving the homeowner a better response and ultimately better security.

Example pic

Remember though that not all alarm systems are created equal, so do your research on what type of alarm monitoring they provide, if their central station is a 5-diamond certified central station, if they have an alarm contract and also the monthly price should factor into your decision. Think Protection and make an informed choice.

CALL US TODAY! Let us help you decide what is the best way to keep your loved ones & home safe at all times!


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Control vs Automation

on Thursday, 24 September 2015. Posted in Knoxville Home Automation

"Control is a party trick. Automation is a lifestyle enhancer."


When people talk about home automation most are really talking about control. What’s the difference between the two? The difference is simple really! Automation will do a multitude of things for you automatically without you having to tell it to do so. Control on the other hand can also do a number of things but you have to tell it what to do and more importantly, when to do it. Control and automation are both important and when used appropriately can make your electronic life at home MUCH easier.

Here are some scenarios to help you understand:

Say you want to show your guests the BREATHTAKING sunset view from your living room window.

Scenario 1: (Control) You take out your phone, swipe through the screen of apps, launch the right one, wait… press a button, and the shades rise to the sunset beauty that will requisite compliments.

Scenario 2: (Automation) The shades are already open because your automation system knows you like sunsets!

This in essence is the difference between control and automation. “Control is a party trick. Automation is a lifestyle enhancer!”

Routine: 5:30am: alarm clock goes off, you get out of bed, shuffle to the bathroom, turn on the light, wash your face etc. 5:40am turn on the bedroom/bathroom radio & Take a shower. 6:00am, turn on the kitchen light & open the blinds, go to the bedroom to start getting dressed…

Using automation you can have all of your lighting routines, comfort routines and entertainment routines happen at the same time. Example:

5:20 bedroom & bathroom lights slowly dim up to 10%, 5:30 your whole house audio system plays an alarm to wake you up. 5:32 your whole house audio system begins to play your favorite radio station or cd in the bedroom & tells the projection screen to come down in front of the TV. 5:40 it turns on the audio in the bathroom & While you are in the bathroom the lights slowly increase in brightness from 10% to whatever your preferred brightness is so by the time you are out of the shower and ready to shave or put on your makeup the bathroom is as bright as you need it to be. You didn’t have to lift a finger!


What to automate and what to control?

Anything that doesn’t require your direct manipulation in order to achieve the desired result should be automated. The easiest things to automate are related to your environment and or your routine. Lighting, heating and air conditioning, background entertainment. Most of us perform streaks of some type every day. We wake up at the same time, we turn on the same lights, turn on the TV and or stereo, go to the bathroom, wash our face, brush our teeth etc. Where automation comes in to play is having all of those streak components done for you so you can focus on the manual things such as personal grooming.

As you can see, there are similarities between automation and control. Many times they overlap and are both great conveniences. The great thing is most automation platforms are great control platforms. Most control platforms are not automation platforms so be careful.


CALL US TODAY! Take CONTROL of the situation or enhance & AUTOMATE your lifestyle!

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Are you ready to Rack & Roll?

on Wednesday, 16 September 2015. Posted in Knoxville Organized Wiring

Using racks as a showpiece


There are many reasons that people use rack enclosures now a days to help tidy up their automated world. While TVs continue to get thinner and more beautiful and soundbars are making surround sound more discreet, the components we connect to them, such as our Blu-ray players, cable boxes, game consoles etc...have largely remained dull black or silver boxes. And there are still all those ugly wires to manage! So now we have these neat and tidy solutions to all these issues, and putting them on display can have lots of great advantages as well!


Did you know that racks can also be an important part of a home theater set-up? So You just spent a lot of money on your new home theater system, but now you’re looking at a lot of “black boxes” and wondering where to put them all. Residential designer racks, sliding home theater cabinets and shelves, and cabinet frame inserts can all house your home theater components without detracting from your decor, and many can even be retrofitted to your existing furniture. 

Maybe you want to show off the components as part of the high-tech style of your new home theatre, essentially making your components and the rack part of your home’s furniture. 

Maybe you have young kids obsessed with pushing buttons. (What kids aren’t, after all?) Then you’ll want your components neatly tucked out of sight in a closet, or at least behind a cabinet with a safe Lexan door. That’s okay, too! However having an open concept show piece design tends to have more benefits.


Now a days with the growing technology demand, restaurants and bars are another prime place to find examples of rack enclosures. It is also another perfect example of using your rack set up as a show piece. Some restaurants and bars chose to hide there electronics racks  in a back room or closet while other choose to set up an eleborate and beautiful display for customers to enjoy!

Displaying your electronic rack can have several great benefits! When you have several consoles running all at once things can heat up very quickly and cause many issues. Having your rack system out in the open lets it breath and helps manage the heating issues. This option will also prolong the life span and function of your equipment.  

Don't deal with the stress or the mess! CALL US TODAY! Let us set up your Rack Star showpiece!

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