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Make Mom's Life Easier This Mother's Day & Always

Mother's Day is Upon us!
Mom's are the best..Shouldn't they get the Best Gifts?
Perhaps you've seen the latest "gotcha video", created for American Greetings, that has gone viral. It's about a company looking for a job candidate. Here is the job description…
Essential Duties & Job Responsibilities:
  • Oversee overall day-to-day success & development of all associates. They are fully dependent on you.
  • Provide appropriate solutions to satisfy all associate needs, including but not limited to comfort, security, support, growth, knowledge, well-being, structure, consistency, discipline, acknowledgment, preparedness, safety, mobility, capability, facility and tranquility.
  • Track daily, weekly and monthly associate development against assigned goals and expectations.
  • Process high volumes of incoming and outgoing projects, deliveries, requests, complaints, feedback and special orders from associates and corresponding outside vendors.
  • Provide operational leadership to multiple associates at once.
The position goes on to say you must work 365 days a year. Oh, and it's a pro bono position. 24 people actually applied and then thought the position was "inhumane."  
At the end, the applicants learned that there was a person who had already done this job. Her name was Mom. As they thought about their own mom, they could see the truth in the job description. (See Video Below)
Moms are the backbone of most houses and the growing family. With so many helpful gadgets this day and age, how about using these tools to make a mom's job easier?
Shortcut Labs Flic
Shortcut Labs' $34 Bluetooth-enabled Flic is a handy little button that you can program to do your bidding.
Flic is designed to turn lights on/off, play music and even order take out. It has over 50 possibilities!
Roku 3
What Mom can't use a media streamer? Video streams are more popular than ever and Roku delivers nearly all of the key online streaming services out there including such must-haves as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Vudu, Watch ESPN, HBO, Showtime and Sling TV.
Fitbit Charge HR
has an optical heart rate tracker and is capable of measuring your heart rate throughout the day, which helps provide more accurate estimates on calorie burn and sleep. It can also track steps, distance and floors climbed, and will notify you of incoming calls.
BOSE Soundlink Color
an attractive little Bluetooth speaker that delivers big sound for its size, is easy to tote around and recharges with a standard Micro-USB cable. Now Mom can keep the tunes going while on the go!
Perfect Bake
There is nothing quite like mamma's cooking! So what if we can get her something that will help her in the kitchen and maybe make her want to make us all those yummy treat more often? Well Here is its! The Perfect Bake system is a great addition to creating her favorite recipes and more!
Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden 
This enables mom to grow 3 herbs &/or spices simultaneously with zero effect. It waters, gives out the right amount of oxygen, nutrients & light to take care of each plants every need. No green thumb needed with this independent smart pot! Click and Grow is a great addition to gadgets that can help mom!
Mom's will LOVE Home Automation too!
Imagine a “MommyTime” button that automatically locks the bedroom and bathroom doors and queues the speakers above so she can enjoy a nice hot bath with some great music, and no interruptions! 
Call iSS today to learn more about how we can help that special Mom in your life enjoy her time at home more with #BetterLifeSolutions!

Benefits of Smart home Security

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A Smart home is a Secure Home



Why You Need it & What You Can Do With It:


Control4 Security Infographic 1 What lies behind the desire for home automation is often a complex question.  Some may want their home to showcase exceptional technology or to entertain guests, while others may want a powerful experience that helps to ease the actions of their everyday lives.  But almost universally, users of home automation systems want one thing: to feel safe and secure in their homes and businesses. 

In December 2012, the Consumer Electronics Association published a powerful Market Research Report entitled "Consumer Perspective on Home Automation." In that report, 62% said that their primary interest in purchasing a home automation system was “Security.”  The next two categories, Energy Saving and Convenience, were a distant second and third (20% and 14% respectively).  It also reported that 8 of the top 10 interests people had in home automation were security use cases. - John Epeneter, Control4 Senior Product Manager, Security and Communications Products.

A smart home automation system makes your life more comfortable, but also provides the security you need, deters potential burglars and helps you monitor and check in on your home remotely—from anywhere you are. From smart locks that keep track of the comings and goings in your home, motion detectors that can trigger notifications to your phone or smart watch, surveillance cameras that you can check in on while away, and alerts that can be sent to you if your garage door was left open by mistake, Control4 home automation solutions offer everything that you need to make your home a safe haven for you and your family.

What’s more, Control4’s Mockupancy solution can also help create an impression that someone is at home even while you are on vacation by switching on lights, shades and televisions at random.

 group picsWith so many unfortunate burglaries happening now a days and crime ever increasing you just never know when your ticket could be up! Make sure your home, belongings, and loved ones are safe and have peace of mind at all times!

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Call iSS Today to discuss your smart home Security Options!

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Go from basic to best for your home network!

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"Network stability is the foundation for every smart home. It’s not just a nice to have, it’s a requirement." - Jamie Lee Corpuz, Marketing Communications Specialist with Pakedge

 Whether you spend a little or a ton on an AV system or a smart home system, its performance is only as good as the network it runs on. Would you buy a high performance Lamborghini sports car and fill it with unleaded regular gasoline? Of course not, but that is exactly what you do when you use the basic plain ol modem/router/wireless unit that your internet provider suplies you with.  Unfortunatly the only time you think about your network is when you lose connectivity, or when your system doesn’t work the way you thought it would. But this is exactly why the network matters. The more devices you connect, the smarter your home is, and the more important your network becomes.

hitna popravka If you’ve ever experienced lower than expected download speeds, poor quality video  streaming, your connected devices just don’t seem to work well, etc...then you’ve likely  experienced a network break down. Ironically, most people don’t realize it’s a network  issue, and they falsely blame the AV system or the device for the problem. An enterprise  grade network is the “secret” ingredient in pro AV and smart home installations.     


Here are the key reasons why: 

Designed for high performance. purpose built for performance. They use faster CPUs and memory to process more streams of high bandwidth traffic (including UHD/4K). You are sure to see and increase in speed, quality, and productivity of all of your devices, even if they are all running at once! In addition, they also offer seamless wireless coverage & advanced thermal management technologies keep the network equipment cool and running efficiently over its lifetime.

Your system, your way.  No two AV systems or smart homes are exactly alike. No one will have the same devices you do connected to the network in the same way, or operate in the same site conditions. Unlike consumer grade networks, enterprise class systems give you full control and allow your network to be fully customized for maximum performance. As your needs and network changes in the future, your network can be retuned and optimized. 

Businesses Want More Help to be Future Ready 620x381Scalable and future ready. Change is constant. Is your network ready for the future? How you use your network today is not the same as how you used your network five years ago, and it will not be the same five years from now. New devices, new applications, and new services are being developed and launched into the marketplace every day. Enterprise grade networks are built to scale and adapt to planned and unplanned traffic increases and applications.

Reliability. Consumer grade network equipment is designed around low price points to target the “good enough” mass-market customer. This is accomplished by restricting performance, limiting features, using lower grade components, and offering short warranties and limited tech support. In contrast, enterprise grade equipment uses higher-grade components with better manufacturing and performance to withstand heavy-duty conditions. They use higher-grade memory and CPUs, manufactured with the latest techniques. They provide firmware updates on a regular basis in order to address bug fixes and performance optimizations.

Pro-level support. Enterprise grade manufacturers employ a two level tech support model – tech support is provided to the end user through a local authorized reseller and distributor, who is trained and certified by the manufacturer, who knows your system, has installed it and can fix it right the first time. In turn, the manufacturer provides dedicated tech support to the authorized reseller and distributor, through its fully trained and experienced tech support staff. 

Lifetime value. Although enterprise grade equipment is initially more expensive than consumer grade equipment, it provides a much better value over the system’s lifetime, an overall lower total cost of ownership, and a better investment. It’s simple—it is more reliable and it lasts longer. They have longer warranties. It is scalable, expandable, and can be tuned/optimized to support your needs as your network expands. Many manufacturers offer free lifetime technical support and firmware updates so that your system is always supported.

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Call iSS Today to get your Network Upgraded and Experience the BEST yourself! 

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Go Ahead! Make a Scene!

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What is a Scene in home automation?

Untitled design 1

When most people first get their automation system, the installers keep asking what kind of “scenes” you want. & most people respond with a Blank stare & I had no idea what they were talking about. That is totally fine! We however, can pretty much guarantee that soon, they will become your best friend!

A “scene” in automation world is a combination of controlled events that are activated at the touch of a button, or if you choose to automate them you can set them to trigger based on a time of day or some other event, like the lights & music coming on shortly after you wake up! Pretty Nifty huh!

Here are some examples of some of our favorites:


Untitled designThis seems to be a favorite scene amoung a lot of people. Say you have three floors in your home, making the rounds to flip off all the lights can be a little pre-bedtime exercise you have probably grown to despise. Now all you have to do is pick up your smartphone or push one simple button by the bed and use it to put the house to bed. All the lights go off or you can have a few exceptions. Maybe leave the kids’ bathroom light on at about 15% so they can find their way in the middle of the night, or have the front exterior lights stay on until midnight. You can also have motion sensors set up, say in the kids’ rooms, the main hallway and the front entrance. Once you hit goodnight, you’ll get alerts on our phone if anyone is moving around – quite handy if you have little ones that tend to be midnight trouble-makers! The temperature drops to the mid-60’s so you don’t roast, and the security system arms and it’s off to a great worry free night of sleep! VIDEO HERE:


(DAY)When you push this button, every light in the house turns off. Even better, the temperature resets to 78 in the summer or 65 in the winter so youre not burning a bunch of energy heating or cooling the house when no-one is there. The security system arms. Also If your are like most people in this day & age, you have about a gazillion office computers, printers, etc. plugged into a power strip. They just sit there sucking power all day long while you are away. Not any more! Now that power strip turns off, so all of those devices are actually powered down while your are gone. Same thing with the coffee pot, flatiron, etc…things notoriously left on for hours at a time. Talk about energy saving! (Night) This leaves a few lights on inside and they’re actually programmed to mimic your actual behavior so it looks like someone is in the house – this is called “mockupancy.” It also sets the security system.

 nest2power strips l300


This scene is extremely fun! Create instant ambiance with the press of a button with lighting that illuminates key decorative elements and a customized playlist that starts up automatically. Someone drop in unexpectedly? No worries. Get notified when guests arrive by broadcasting a chime through the audio zone’s speakers where the party’s at. You can also Incorporate microphones into the whole-house audio system, so you can broadcast presentations throughout the entire home. Another Cool option...Use your iPad to tell the refrigerator when you’re out of ice, so it can ramp up production!

angela carson india travel blog bangalore nightlife parties

So many options! Go Ahead, Make a Scene... Its That Simple! CALL TODAY!

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