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How WE beat any 'Top Security Company'

on Friday, 16 May 2014. Posted in Knoxville Home Security

Mass marketing security only provides the homeowner with a very basic and ineffective alarm system. Security companies like ADT will provide you with “peace of mind” but never security.

For example, ADT will install an alarm panel and a front and a back door motion sensor. What about the side door and all the windows? Unfortunately, ADT’s basic package is only a panel and a couple motion sensors, a simple design to allow you to enter a pin number when you leave and when you come home. If you are asking above what their basic package is you will pay a lot more than what you expected. 

Another thing to think about is when they come to sell you one of their security packages; you are leasing their equipment not purchasing it. The service they try to provide you is very little and their technicians are only there to install a system and be in and out of your home within just a few hours. Also, if you ever have any trouble with the system, it will sometimes take a technician anywhere from a week to a few weeks to come to your home and fix any problems you may have.

Mass marketing security is only good at one thing….. MARKETING! If they truly cared about you and your home would they not do a better job in providing you with exceptional service? They would make sure you had peace of mind AND security. Not one or the other.

Our philosophy is to have the knowledge and  experience to provide our clients with better life  solutions. From start to finish of an installation and  beyond we know exactly what we did for you.  Attention to detail and compassion shows within our work and we will never treat you like a sale. You are always a client, but more importantly a close friend.

At iSS, we take pride in providing our clients with  peace of mind, security, and amazing customer  service. As a home owner you will never have to  worry about a thing. We are with you every step of  the way to make sure you have solutions that work. If you ever have a problem or just need to ask a  question we are always here to take your calls.

Spring Cleaning for Your Security System

on Thursday, 20 March 2014. Posted in Knoxville Home Security

Spring has sprung and we couldn't be more excited for warmer temperatures and longer days. For many homeowners, the changing season means spring cleaning time. Just like your kitchen and closet could use a good scrub down, your security system could use some attention as well. Here are some tips to keep your system functioning at its best:

  • Do a run through of all the windows and doors. Check the sensors to make sure they are still attached properly and the batteries are still charged. The adhesive on door and window sensors may need some occasional readjusting. Also, check for any rotting or other warping around windows and door frames that could interfere with sensors.

  • If you have surveillance cameras, it's a good idea to clean them of any dust and grime and check for any signs of moisture. Doing so will ensure the clearest picture and an uninterrupted camera feed. Simply use a gentle lens or monitor cleaner and a soft cloth to clear any debris.
  • Inspect the panel for any signs of wear and tear. Make sure all the wires are intact and there are no unknown flashing lights or service lights blinking on the system. When you're inspecting your panel, it may be a good idea to run the system in test mode. This can ensure no false alarms to your monitoring company.

Spring is a great time to check your smoke detectors as well. A smoke detector with a dead battery isn't going to do you much good when you need it most. Also, make sure fire extinguishers are still in working order and there is one located on every floor of your home and definitely in the kitchen.

Checking a security system for minor malfunctions is important to keep things running properly. The best line of defense is to have a qualified tech from your security system company come out and do a thorough inspection. They have the skills to catch something you may have previously missed. Keeping your system clean and healthy will ensure it runs properly for many years to come.

New Advancements in Digital Credentials

on Monday, 09 December 2013. Posted in Knoxville Home Security

For several years, the talk in access control has focused primarily on smart cards. While the technology is great, it hasn't caught on quite as much as the security industry expected. Now there's a new technology trend in town and it's causing quite a bit of buzz.

Near field communication (NFC) allows users to ditch smart cards and enjoy the convenience of using their smartphone for keyless entry as well as a variety of other tasks. Smart cards are one of the most popular digital credentials on the market and while NFC will be a great option for users, it's not expected to completely wipe out smart cards. In fact, it's expected that NFC will help the smart card industry because it's still a smart-based application. The biggest question is when all smartphones will be enabled with the technology. A hotel in Stockholm, Sweden allows quests to enter rooms with their smartphones and bypass reception altogether.

There are phones on the market that come equipped with NFC, but not any from Apple yet. While there are rumors that Apple will release future iPhones with the technology already built-in, there is still no guarantee. While you can still get the iPhone turned into a NFC-enabled device, advertising it as an existing feature would give this technology a major boost.

So is NFC right for you? I'd say most likely. People are all about smartphones and anything they can do to make their lives easier. This is no different. Colleges especially have a high interest in NFC because of tech-savvy student populations. I think we'll be seeing a lot more NFC in upcoming years. It may not take off overnight, but it is definitely a new technology that a multitude of people can appreciate.

Fire Safety Month

on Friday, 11 October 2013. Posted in Knoxville Home Security

October is here and it's officially Fire Safety Month. Falling temperatures also mean the risk of fire increases so now is the perfect time to safeguard your home against a potentially devastating fire. Don't brush off safety checks that could be lifesaving!

Here are some important tips:

  • Do a thorough walk-through of your home to pin point potential hazards. We recommend using a checklist like this one.  Get the whole family involved and go through the checklist together.

  • Make sure you have at least one smoke detector on every level of your home and that they are all in working order. We recommend detectors that use both ionization and photoelectric technology. Test smoke detectors every month. A smoke detector with dead batteries is just like having no detector at all!
  • Have an escape plan and practice it. Every room should have at least 2 escape routes. Practice your fire escape plan by staying low to the ground with your eyes closed and mouth covered. Make sure young children know to never hide during a fire.

We hope these tips help keep you and your family safe. Don't let fire safety fall off the list of top priorities in your household. Make changes now so you never have to experience a home fire.

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