Commercial Automation

on Wednesday, 06 August 2014.

Managing a Restaurant is easier through technology

 The restaurant business can be very competitive and challenging. Not only are restaurants relying on their good food or happy hour specials, but they rely heavily on a great atmosphere for their guests as well as maintaining a sufficient staff.

As a restaurant owner, you want to wow your guests by having the most up-to-date T.V.’s and audio systems along with nice ambient lighting. Just imagine creating a fantastic atmosphere with one button. You could “Open” the restaurant by having this one button turn on all the T.V.’s to the selected channels you want, the temperature control would adjust for guests arriving, and the lighting and shades could adjust to the time of day you are opening up.

You could easily open your restaurant by one button and yet control everything on one simple and easy to use interface. This interface will help you manage your restaurant and be a little less stressful in those rush hour times. You can even be energy-saving mindful by having your restaurant automated.

What can easily be opened can also be easily “Closed”. As an owner, you can close the restaurant down by one button as well. Powering off all video, audio, and lights can be a breeze for you or your employees allowing them to focus more on the cleanliness and organization of the establishment.

Also as a restaurant owner, guests are always number one, but secondly you want your staff enjoying themselves and being satisfactory in their positon as well. Technology and automation can help them run their shift more smoothly. Not only just pressing one button to open or close, but quite a few restaurants are now incorporating touch pads for automating the floor plans and server’s shifts for guest sitting.

Lastly, as for the security of the restaurant establishment, there are many ideas to fit your needs. You can easily set up keycards or key codes for employees, and only allow them to certain areas of the restaurant if they are not management level. With cameras in and around the establishment, you can remotely log into the video feeds from anywhere on your smart phone or tablet to check on the place.

If you are a restaurant or even bar owner, please let us know how we can help you to making your restaurant run smoothly.