Automation & Energy Management

on Friday, 22 January 2016.

Conserving energy at home shouldn’t require you to sacrifice comfort or make you feel deprived. With an automation system in control of your house, you don’t need to be uncomfortable or inconvenienced to conserve energy. The system is able to operate the lights, thermostats, and other power-hungry devices with the best efficiency. The system gives you the power to easily shave money off your monthly utility bill. Here are five ways an automation system can help manage energy efficiency:

  1. All Off:  No longer worry about if you left a light on, a curling iron heating up, or the music playing as you leave the house. An “All Off” command, which can be issued from a keypad, touch screen, tablet or your smartphone can tell an automation system to sweep through the house to turn off and adjust devices as needed. The closing of the front door, the arming of a security system or a signal from a motion sensor can also be programmed to trigger the house wide “All Off” command.
  2. Curtain Call: Sunlight can quickly heat up a room, causing your AC system to go into overdrive. Motorized shades, when automated, can close at certain times of the day or when a sensor notices a heavy amount of sunshine.
  3. Stat Patrol: Thermostats can be finicky pieces of technology. But with an automation system in charge, their built-in schedulers become easier to manipulate. Plus, you’ll be able to sync the stats with the operation of other electronic devices; for instance, when the automation system tells the lights to turn off; the thermostats can automatically set back too.
  4. Spin Cycle: Ceiling fans help circulate warm and cool air, making your heating and cooling system work more efficiently. By automating the fans, they can turn on and off at certain predetermined times of the day.
  5. E-Motion: Use motion sensors to make sure lights are only on when people are actually in the room. Why waste energy lighting an unoccupied room? And we all know that kids – and some adults – have a physical inability to turn a light off when they leave a room. Motion sensors ensure that lights are on for safety and use when a room is occupied, and go off when they are no longer needed.

Our company offers several energy efficient products and automation options for you to choose from! From Control4 and Nest Thermostats to lighting control and full home automations systems weve got youu covered! Call us today to discuss your options and start saving energy and money today! 

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