Lux Lighting

on Monday, 18 June 2012. Posted in Knoxville Home Lighting Control

Lighting is everything in film and photography, yet it is often brushed aside in our daily lives.  Wouldn’t it be nice to add ambience to the rooms you occupy every day? Integrating a lighting system into your home enhances design features, accentuates cabinetry, and transforms the mood of a room.

ISS proudly offers Lutron technologies. Their lighting work can be seen in the Knoxville Convention Center, the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, The Mirage in Las Vegas, just to name a few. But to reel their work down to a home’s scale, take a look at what lighting did for this beachfront double wide home.

Without the lighting system to add dimension and ambience it would just be a boxy room, albeit on the ocean. kind of like a candle light dinner without the candle light; it’s just another meal.