Runway Sound: Speakers for Your Style

on Wednesday, 13 June 2012. Posted in Home Theater, Knoxville Home Audio

Do yourself a favor and review your history of speaker selection. It’s akin to examining one’s choices in past haircuts – a bit perplexing/scary. What was it about those hefty black box speakers that was so awesome? They were half the size of your couch.  Alas, bigger was better. It meant greater sound, or so we thought. Then again, we thought big hair meant big living, too. Let’s learn from our lapses in judgment.

Before investing in new home audio, let us stress to you that you have options. We all know that speakers have gotten smaller, but they’re also more stylish than ever.  Today’s speakers say something about your style. Take a look at a few of our favorites, and ponder what you want yours to say.