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How Home Security/Automation can help protect your children

on Thursday, 13 November 2014. Posted in Knoxville Home Security

When it comes to protecting our families, we all want to have our bases covered. Knowing how to react ahead of time to any situation is the best way to remain safe. With home security and automation, you can truly protect your family from any situation that may arise.

First thing is to teach your children how to use the home security system. Make sure they understand how to turn it on and off properly so they do not accidentally trigger a false alarm. Secondly, make a list. It is important to have the ‘in case of emergency’ list handy and within each for them. A great list would include 911, the police department, the fire department, and a neighbor that you trust with your children. These two things may be easy and simple, but are often over-looked.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, how does automation fit into this? Well imagine for a moment, someone has just knocked on the front door while you are down the hall finishing the laundry. Of course the little one is intrigued and immediately runs to the front door to see who is there. With automation you can have your smart door locks stay locked with a touch of a button from your control panel or smartphone. So no more easy access for the little one or for strangers.

Another scenario, you have children old enough to ride the bus home while you are finishing up from the office. When they get home from school in the afternoon, they use their own special code on the front door smart lock to let themselves into the house. A text can automatically be sent to your phone saying ‘Alex is home’ with a time stamp. Also, if their code on the smart lock has not been entered during a 30-minute window when they should have been home after school, you can also get a text.

Now, we all know kids getting home from school may not remember to lock doors and arm the alarm system. Luckily, once you get the text that they are home, you can do it for them by using your smartphone to arm your system from anywhere. Also, installing surveillance cameras can give you a great deal of peace of mind. Having kids old enough to home alone is still a scary thing, but you can easily check in on them with a smartphone app that is connected to your home cameras.

There are so many different scenarios that you can control easily with home security and home automation. Let us help provide peace of mind and comfort to your family by offering you better life solutions.

Smart Door Locks

on Wednesday, 10 September 2014.

A great benefit to any home security system

Security and peace of mind are usually what tops the list for homeowners looking to invest in a home security system. Smart door locks are one of the most beneficial aspects of security and even home automation. With just one touch you can lock and unlock your doors from anywhere, have a ‘goodnight’ button, and let the right guests into your home at the right time.

Smart door locks provide you with convenience. They can help you make sure your doors are locked or unlocked with access from your phone or tablet. They can also help you go key-free. Compatible door locks include keypads or touch screens where you can enter your own unique access code. So no need to carry those keys or try to remember where you placed them, enter your code and welcome home! You could also set your lights to come on immediately when your door opens. Smart door locks can also help you lock your doors from the bed and sleep securely with a touch of one ‘Goodnight’ button.

Also, smart door locks can help you let the right people into your home. For example, you have some family coming from out of town; you can give them their own personal code that works when you are expecting them. You can even get a text alert when they arrive. Another instance is you may have someone coming to work on or clean your home, you could do the same thing and give them their own code and even set an allotted amount of time for their code to work. You don’t have to worry anymore if they try to come back at a later date and time to try to break into your home. Their code will not work.

Another great thing about smart door locks is you can keep tabs on who is coming and going in your home. You can view door lock history and look at each specific code. For example, if you have children, especially teenagers, you could get an alert to know when they come home from school or if they came home on time from curfew.

We can help you pick the best lock for your needs and can provide insight on additional features and benefits. You’ll love the safety, convenience and peace of mind a smart lock can deliver. Let us know how we can help you.

Commercial Security

on Thursday, 04 September 2014.

Last month we talked about Commercial Automation and how it can help enhance the atmosphere and organization of any restaurant or sports bar. Well this month we would like to touch on Commercial Security and how it can help improve the security of ANY business establishment.

The basics of commercial security should first and foremost be an adequate alarm system. As a business owner we are here to fit your needs. You could have the simplest security system with just a few alarms and motion detectors or the most enhanced system with cameras and a key code entry system. Whatever you need, we are here to provide you with security and peace of mind for your business.

For example, we suggest that the best security system for any commercial property would be a sufficient alarm system along with key codes for employees and visitors. You could manage employee and visitor access of the establishment; such as where only management should have access. Also, with cameras in and around the business, you can remotely log into the video feeds from anywhere on your smart phone or tablet to check on the property.

Lastly, exterior lighting is another step in providing security to any business property. For instance, exterior lighting goes a long way to provide security for your business, but also the safety of you and your employees. By using motion sensors and light timers, they can offer more visibility in multiple directions and stop a potential burglar when lights suddenly flip on if they are snooping around. Also, a great tip is to put lights and sensors out of reach so that they will not be tampered with by a potential burglar or even an animal.

We always suggest what fits your needs, but more importantly we provide you with better life solutions. Let us know if we can help you in providing security to your business establishment, we are just a call away.


Why DIY Home Security is not Home Security at all

on Wednesday, 20 August 2014. Posted in Knoxville Home Security

We have all heard the term DIY. Many DIY projects can be fun, creative, and a good way to show off a new hobby. Then you have those other DIY projects that are major fails! Trust me, I have had those a time or two. One DIY project that I have never understood why anyone would attempt to do is Home Security.

I know there are quite a few products and services that say they can provide you simple and easy solutions to home security. Unfortunately, those products and services only provide you home monitoring and not security at all. These products are either plugged in to an outlet or battery-powered and can be easily moved or knocked around. They are Wi-Fi enabled; meaning if the power is out at your home the home monitoring system will not work.

Another problem is the fact that you are the only one to receive alerts. What if you cannot respond to the alerts that are being sent to you, what happens? If someone is truly breaking into your home, the authorities are not alerted. Just you.

Also some products are indoor use only, which means if vandalism occurs outside of your home you will not know who or what did it. To have full security of your home you need the interior and exterior of your home covered. These products down play the value of true security and protection of your home or business.

DIY does mean do it yourself, but do you really want to be figuring out how to set up a whole security system on your own? If you want it done right for the protection of you and your family, do you have the right tools at hand? It doesn't take a brain surgeon to put in a security system, but it does take some knowledge and understanding of the security industry.

Don’t go through the hassle of this DIY project. Let us take care of your needs so you do not have to worry about anything. We will help you in protecting not just your home, but you and your family. We can give you real home security and peace of mind, and we are just a call away!

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