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Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe While On Vacation

on Monday, 08 July 2013. Posted in Knoxville Home Security

Vacation season is in full swing! The car is packed and the hotel is booked, but is your home ready to be left behind? The Insurance Information Institute states that the majority of home break-ins occur during July and August. Don’t let a few simple mistakes cost you. These easy tips can save you big and keep you worry-free on your next adventure.

Keep Your Home Looking Fresh

While you’re gone, it's important to maintain the appearance of your home. Tall grass or a pile of newspapers in the driveway can be a green light for intruders. Pay a neighbor to mow the grass and collect your mail. Maybe they can even water your ferns while they’re at it.

Make It Look Like You Never Left

Keep a car parked in the driveway and buy timers for lights or televisions. Set them to come on at various times of the day to create the illusion that someone is home. Intruders are less likely to show interest in your home if it looks like you're still in it.

Get Monitored

A security system is a great tool to give you peace of mind while you enjoy your hard-earned vacation. Many insurance companies even give discounts to customers with security systems. Just make sure that you place signs and stickers in your yard and on your windows to show your house is monitored. This can steer thieves away before they even set foot on your property.

Keep Quiet

You’ve been saving up for months and you can’t wait to hit the beach, but the last thing you want to do is share your travel plans on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. As harmless as it may seem to post that pic of your toes in the sand or little Jimmy riding the teacups at Disney World, you’re sending an open invite for intruders to come on over to your empty house.

While these tips are not a sure guarantee that your house will not become a victim to a break-in, they can definitely help. Take precautions before you leave so you can vacation worry-free and avoid coming home sorry.

Pakedge W6 Wireless Access Points

on Thursday, 20 June 2013. Posted in Knoxville Home Automation

Feeling frustrated with your home or business Wi-Fi system? The Pakedge W6 family offers a variety of advanced wireless products that can deliver the networking solution you’ve been looking for. The W6 wall-mount desktop, W6R rack-mount, W6C in-ceiling/in-wall, and W6O outdoor wireless access points can be mixed and matched to provide endless installation options for any sized network. The W6 family provides long range stability and reliability for smartphones, laptops, tablets, and home control. Regardless of how you choose to use the Pakedge W6 wireless Wi-Fi system, rest assured that you won’t be seeing this anymore…

Find out more about the Pakedge W6 family here and let us get you hooked up with the perfect networking system for your space.

New Employee

on Wednesday, 19 June 2013. Posted in Knoxville Home Security

iSS would like to welcome our new office administrator, Brandi, to the team. She is a Knoxville native and recent graduate from the University of Tennessee, where she received a BA in communication studies and a minor in psychology. She has a passion for meeting and connecting with others and making every kind of communication encounter a great one. In her free time she enjoys gardening, cooking, photography, and Seaside, Florida.

Brandis Blog Photo


Security Cameras

on Monday, 13 May 2013. Posted in Knoxville Home Security

As experts in Knoxville security camera installation, we would like to discuss a hot topic in the field: IP vs. Analog cameras. What's the benefit of one versus the other? This quick YouTube video clearly shows the differences between the two technologies. We discuss the benefits of both after the jump.


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