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Lighting Control

on Thursday, 25 June 2015. Posted in Knoxville Home Lighting Control

Are you looking for a convenient solution for your home's lighting control needs? It is easier now than ever. As your needs change throughout the day, your lighting should adapt to fit the circumstances. A good lighting system provides energy management, architectural enhancement, safety/security, and the ability to "paint" with lighting.

The benefits of lighting control is that it can easily integrate with your whole home automation using very simple, elegant keypads. Just think, after a long day at work your own house welcomes YOU home. Lighting control is more than just simply turning on and off a light, it is thinking outside the box. It allows you to have endless possibilities in creating amazing masterpieces within your living spaces.

For example, lets say you are having a dinner party, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to set the right mood by dimming the lights just right, start your playlist at the perfect volume in all the right rooms, and adjust the thermostat to provide the correct amount of comfort with just with a touch of a button? With lighting control being the central component of this whole scenario, we do this all the time for our clients.

Lighting control can also add an extra layer of security with the touch of a “Vacation” button. Lights will turn on and off at a seemingly random pattern, which gives the appearance that you are home while you are truly relaxing on the beach. If you want to really confuse a would be burglar, you can add the same random patterns to T.V.’s and automatic shades. Thus, giving you more comfort and peace of mind knowing that your home is secured even more.

So if you would like to brighten your day with home lighting control, give us a call at 865-690-0154. We are here to offer you better life solutions!

Tips for Home Lighting Control

on Wednesday, 04 March 2015. Posted in Knoxville Home Lighting Control

Automating your home's lights has been one of the biggest home technology trends in recent years. There are always new launches for individual products or whole house lighting systems designed to make it easier to operate and customize your home lighting. From automated window treatments to dimmers, learn what technology you need to light your home for safety, convenience and energy efficiency.

Lighting for Home Safety & Security:

No one likes to come home to a dark house, so integrating a lighting system into your smart-grid home system can illuminate your indoor and outdoor lighting. Lighting control can automatically make your home more welcoming, inviting and safer.

Ideally, your lighting system could link up with your automatic door locks. Working much like a standard garage door opener; you push a button to unlock your door from your car and your lights will go on. There are many variables to lighting systems that is truly up to the home owner and their image of what they want.

Another example for lighting and securing your home is motion sensors outside that can turn on the lights inside. This is a feature that works as a deterrent to intruders. Making the house look like someone is home while you are away.

Lighting sensors and dimmers:

Lighting sensors and dimmers have been available for years, but now there are versions that are controlled by radio waves that link back to your smart home integration system. They are retrofitted into your existing light switch outlets to turn the lights off and on; or dim them depending on the time of day and how much natural light is coming in through your windows. They work especially well on remodeling projects where you may not be able to get into the walls to install wiring.

These radio-control sensors and dimmers can operate lights inside and outside your home, turning on landscape flood lighting as well as lights in your garage, kitchen or any room in your home. You can even control the lights from your Smartphone or iPad, or program them in your fully integrated system so the lights come on at dusk then shut off at a preset time at night.

Window treatment controls:

You can save money and be energy-saving conscious by installing automatic window treatment controls that link up to your integrated lighting system.

For example, when a room gets warmer in the summer, the system understands that the sun is raising the temperature so it lowers the blinds to help stabilize the temperature in the room. This way you are using less air conditioning. In the winter, if the blinds are down, the system may raise them to allow the sun to help heat the space.

Automatic window treatment controls can also be controlled from your Smartphone or iPad just like your home lights. Now, depending on the level of customization, window treatment controls often require that a professional come to your home to measure and install them so they work properly.

If you trying to be energy-saving conscious and have been thinking about lighting control for your home, then give us a call! We are always here to offer you better life solutions.


Lighting Control for this Christmas season

on Saturday, 06 December 2014. Posted in Knoxville Home Lighting Control


The Christmas Season is in full swing, and I am sure many of you have already gotten out all of your Christmas decorations and lights.

If you are going to spend the time putting up outdoor lights during this holiday season, you hope others will be able to see and enjoy them. There is nothing more frustrating than investing the time and energy to put up holiday lights and then forgetting to turn them on after it gets dark. Home automation light sensors and timers ensure your hard work will not go unnoticed.

Using a lighting sensor to turn your outdoor lights on is a great way to make sure your holiday spirit is always shining through, even when you are not home. Sensors plug into your power source and your festive lights plug into the sensor. When the sun goes down, the sensor acts like a switch and automatically turns your lights on. These sensors also have timers so you can turn off your outdoor lights after a few hours.

Also, if you are concerned your home is in an area so well lit that light sensors will not work, or you wish to control an indoor display, you can always use a timer to turn your lights on and off. Like sensors, these timers install between your lights and your power source. These timers have the benefit of shutting off your lights when it gets late and saving on your electric bill.

These sensors and timers can also be a part of your outside lighting groups or scenes, so you can control them as part of all the outside lights. You can also have these devices to be programmed with your whole home automation system to be turned off when you hit the master “Night” button; turning everything in the house off and putting the entire home into night mode- thus saving energy, while ensuring safety and security is taken care of.

If you need a little help this holiday season, let us know and we would be happy to help. We are just a call away, and always offering you better life solutions.


Home Automation for this Thanksgiving Holiday

on Tuesday, 18 November 2014. Posted in Knoxville Home Automation

It is that time of the year again. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas straight ahead. This Thanksgiving you may have your family and friends over for dinner or you might be joining someone else at their table. No matter what your Thanksgiving Day plans are, it is nice to have an extra helping hand around the house on such a chaotic day. A home automation system can make it easy to take care of your home while you are focused on good times, good food, and being thankful for what you have.

If you are hosting this year’s Thanksgiving, your home can help you reduce some of the holiday stress for you. Imagine your home helping you with cooking and entertaining in peacefulness. Some great helping hands in your smart kitchen would be:

  • Accessing your favorite recipes from your touch screen in the kitchen.
  • Program one-touch buttons for optimal lighting. One could be for “Cooking Prep” and another for could be for “Entertaining.” A press of a button, your lights will automatically go from cooking to dining that are more subdued and intimate.
  • Send a notification to the living room TV when the turkey has reached optimal temperature. Then alert everyone that the feast is ready!
  • Again from your touch screen, queue up the perfect playlist as your guests sit down in the dining room.

You could also have your shades automatically raise or lower, and fans automatically turn on and off, helping to circulate air. So your home will be at the perfect comfort for all guests, plus it helps you be energy saving conscience. Also, if you are having house guests staying with you for the Thanksgiving Holiday, you can assign them a temporary entry code with smart door locks. That lets them come and go as they please. Best of all, you can set it to expire automatically when they leave.

If you're joining friends and family for the holiday away from your home, a home automation system gives you peace of mind while away. When you are rushing out the door with side dishes in tow and the kids running around, you might not remember to lock the front door or arm the alarm system. A home automation system can make spending time with family on Thanksgiving more enjoyable because you have less to worry about. There is no need to sit at the Thanksgiving table wondering if you locked the door. Instead, you can just check and take care of it right then and there. A home automation system allows you to do that anywhere.

If the Thanksgiving fun goes on longer than expected or you decide to spend the night, you can use your home automation system to make it look like you are still at home by turning lights on and off. You can also adjust the temperature of your home to save on heating costs or to keep things toasty on a cold night.

Whatever you may be doing for your Thanksgiving holiday, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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