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How Home Security/Automation can help protect your children

on Thursday, 13 November 2014. Posted in Knoxville Home Security

When it comes to protecting our families, we all want to have our bases covered. Knowing how to react ahead of time to any situation is the best way to remain safe. With home security and automation, you can truly protect your family from any situation that may arise.

First thing is to teach your children how to use the home security system. Make sure they understand how to turn it on and off properly so they do not accidentally trigger a false alarm. Secondly, make a list. It is important to have the ‘in case of emergency’ list handy and within each for them. A great list would include 911, the police department, the fire department, and a neighbor that you trust with your children. These two things may be easy and simple, but are often over-looked.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, how does automation fit into this? Well imagine for a moment, someone has just knocked on the front door while you are down the hall finishing the laundry. Of course the little one is intrigued and immediately runs to the front door to see who is there. With automation you can have your smart door locks stay locked with a touch of a button from your control panel or smartphone. So no more easy access for the little one or for strangers.

Another scenario, you have children old enough to ride the bus home while you are finishing up from the office. When they get home from school in the afternoon, they use their own special code on the front door smart lock to let themselves into the house. A text can automatically be sent to your phone saying ‘Alex is home’ with a time stamp. Also, if their code on the smart lock has not been entered during a 30-minute window when they should have been home after school, you can also get a text.

Now, we all know kids getting home from school may not remember to lock doors and arm the alarm system. Luckily, once you get the text that they are home, you can do it for them by using your smartphone to arm your system from anywhere. Also, installing surveillance cameras can give you a great deal of peace of mind. Having kids old enough to home alone is still a scary thing, but you can easily check in on them with a smartphone app that is connected to your home cameras.

There are so many different scenarios that you can control easily with home security and home automation. Let us help provide peace of mind and comfort to your family by offering you better life solutions.

Home Entertainment: Screens and Projectors for any room

on Thursday, 23 October 2014. Posted in Home Theater

In our previous blog, we discussed how a home theater is a great addition to any home and can bring the family together. There are so many possibilities you could do with a home theater. So this week we want to discuss some great screens and projectors that can complement different areas within the home and provide amazing home entertainment.

A family room with cozy couches or a basement man cave can both be a great media room. A media room is a multifunctioning space within the home, and for this type of home entertainment space it is best to set up a beautiful screen. One of the best screens for a home media room is the new Sony 4k Ultra HD TV. Sony’s new TV is automation-ready with two-way IP communications. This means the TV can both receive commands and provide status feedback, like I’M ON or the VOLUME is 70%, etc.

Now, if you have a dedicated room for a Home Theater that is fantastic! There are so many screens available, but we really love any one of the Stewart Film screens. A Runco projector pairs greatly with the Stewart Film screen, and both products help to create a unique display and provide seamless movie watching.

Lastly, we cannot forget some outdoor entertainment. Yes I know it is fall and getting colder day by day, but next summer you could be the go to place for those summer BBQ’s. Screen Innovations (SI) motorized screen and an Epson projector are two great products for outdoor entertainment. The SI screen is easily retractable and combined with the Epson projector can provide an amazing picture even in the brightest of light.

What is truly amazing about home theater entertainment is that any room or outdoor space can be integrated with any home automation system. For example, Control4 is our go to system for any home theater, home automation, lighting needs, etc.; and putting all that together creates a unified home entertainment system that could work easily with a push of a button. Not only a home entertainment system, but a whole connected home.

Now you can't watch a movie with just a picture, audio quality is a major compontent as well to any great home theater. We are far from watching silent movies in our technology driven world today. Can you guess what we might write about for next week's blog?

CEDIA 2014 Recap (pt. 2)

on Monday, 29 September 2014.

In our CEDIA Recap, part 1 we took a look at Sony, Epson, Dolby, Screen Innovations, and Sonance latest and greatest new products. Now in part 2 we have more coverage of what we liked from CEDIA 2014, and our next top three are below:

1. QNap Turbo NAS:

QNAP’s Turbo NAS is designed for storing and protecting your most cherished memories. QNAP is the ideal centralized storage ‘hub’ for making your files available on various devices at home or on the go. It is a great home multimedia entertainment device. You can browse photos, play music and videos on DLNA compatible devices and easily share them with family and friends. The Turbo NAS also helps to secure your files and gives you control to who you want to have access to those cherished memories. Also, with myQNAPcloud, you can connect much easier to the Turbo NAS without limitation of location. The Turbo NAS easily enriches your home entertainment and content sharing. Also, what is great with QNAP is that they have integrated with Control4 to provide you with the ultimate connected home experience. Check out this video from CEDIA that demonstrates what QNAP and Control4 can do for you:

2. Control4 OS 2.6 Software update:

Control4’s OS 2.6 software update features elegant user interface enhancements, provides instant integration, and delivers compelling Control4 experiences throughout smart homes. This update brings enhanced music experience, intuitive pool and spa control, and extensive new features for added comfort and peace of mind in your home. OS 2.6 software makes it much easier for Control4 dealers to integrate hundreds of third-party products. As an end user this may not be the coolest thing on our list, but it is awesome for us which in turn makes it great for you! We can now provide you with seamless effort and efficiency for all of your Control4 systems.

3. LaunchPort...with Buttons:

Their latest product is the LaunchPort with buttons, the world’s first programmable, independently functioning buttons on an Ipad case. Ipads have become the favorite device for home automation. With LaunchPorts new sleeve for the Ipad, it provides immediate access to key controls, and gives you more power in your hands.

I hope you enjoyed our coverage from the CEDIA Expo this year. If you need any more information on any products we have discussed, please let us know. We are here to offer you better life solutions.

CEDIA 2014 Recap (pt. 1)

on Thursday, 25 September 2014.

CEDIA is one of the largest electronics expos in the country, and was hosted this year in Denver, Colorado. Over 500,000 square feet of the most exciting technologies to date, which is why we had to break our CEDIA 2014 recap into two parts!

Below are our first top five picks of what we liked from CEDIA.

1. Epson PowerLite ProCinema LS10000 projector:

This projector delivers a revolutionary 4k Enhancement Technology with incredible sharpness, clarity, and detail. At the heart of the THX certified projector is a laser light engine and a 3LCD Reflective chip array to ensure accurate performance. The projector also offers full HD 1080p in 2D and 3D giving you a stunning viewing experience. This home theater projector is made for the ultimate movie theater experience.

2. Sony W and X Series 4K Ultra HD TV’s :

W Series and X Series 4K Ultra HD displays are now automation-ready with two-way IP communications built in. TVs have always been the bane of smart-home integration, lacking two-way communications. Most consumer-oriented sets are still controlled via one-way IR, meaning the TV can only receive commands such as ON, MUTE or CHANNEL DOWN. They cannot send data back to a remote control or home automation system. For that reason, a controller never quite knows the status of the TV. With two-way IP communications, a TV can both receive commands and provide status feedback. Such as I’M ON, THE VOLUME IS 70%, etc. 

3. Dolby Atmos:

Dolby Atmos delivers remarkable sound whether you are at home, on the go, or in the cinema. This audio system creates astonishing clarity, richness, detail, and depth. It puts sounds into motion all around you and creates a more profoundly moving entertainment experience. Dolby Atmos is the first audio format based on independent audio objects rather than channels-which means it is free of channel restrictions. Dolby Atmos supports up to 128 simultaneous independent audio objects for a realistic, breathtaking sound. Experience Dolby Atmos for yourself:

4. Screen Innovations Black Diamond Glass:

Screen Innovations (SI) is fantastic about the amount of energy and creativity that they bring to the market. The latest product concept from the company is the Black Diamond Glass, which combines its innovative Black Diamond Screen material with the contemporary look of a LED lit, beveled glass frame. This elegant screen comes in many sizes and can range up to 150 inches. Conceptually, the Black Diamond Glass takes the company’s Zero Edge design and makes it even more interior design friendly.

5. Sonance's Architectural Series:

No longer is the audio and video guy a nuisance to the interior designer. Sonance now offers us the Architectural Series with the ability to please the interior designer/home owner. The Architectural Series is a discreet opening system that delivers amazing sound performance with virtually no footprint.

If you love these picks, just wait for part two of our CEDIA recap!

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