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Practical Uses for Home Automation

on Friday, 11 July 2014. Posted in Knoxville Home Automation

things you may not realize you can do

Have you ever thought that your own kitchen could alert you if the refrigerator door was left open? Or have your motorized shades or blinds be automated with the seasons? Have movie ambience with one push of a button? There are so many possibilities that home automation systems can do for you, which have not been fully recognized until now!

Imagine for a moment- you’re in your home preparing that delicious meal for the family when gradually your kitchen lights starts to flash. Then they start flashing a little more. Why? Well lighting control and energy management devices can allow you to set a timer and coordinate it with your kitchen lights if ever that refrigerator door has been left open. You will never have to worry about spoiled milk again!

Another cool gadget is a device that can alert you if someone opened the medicine cabinet. I know little hands can be so curious! It doesn’t matter how out of reach or out of sight, children and teens always seem to find things. Now you can receive text messages anytime the door is opened!

 What is cooler than an automated home? An automated home that does not rack up the utility bills to operate it! Many automation system options give you additional features for security, lighting control, and energy management.

For example, you can easily ward off potential dangers by setting an outside speaker to imitate a barking dog and  turn on lights. You can sleep peacefully knowing that you have an added level of protection before an actual break in. These are just some ideas for getting maximum peace of mind from your security system.

Also, additional energy management feature is moisture sensors that knows when it has rained or not, therefore, the system intelligently knows when to water and when not to. That beautiful garden and lawn of yours will always be looking great.

Finally, you may not realize that your home can let you know how it is doing. What if the air conditioning unit decided to break down while taking a hike or vacationing on a sunny beach? If the temperature hits a certain level the system will alert you. These are possibilities that any true automation system make a reality that are often over looked, not by iSS though.

Summer Fun Activities

on Monday, 30 June 2014. Posted in Knoxville Home Automation

Summer is finally here and at iSS we would like to take a moment to give you a few ideas for some good summer fun activities.

A few fun activities around here in East Tennessee would be:

  • Go on a picnic in the park: World’s Fair Park is a great place.
  • Play miniature golf: Putt Putt anyone?
  • Go to the local farmers market: Saturday’s Market Square has it all.
  • Have some family and friends over for a good Southern BBQ: Mother Earth’s market “Has the Beef”
  • Read a book and nap in a hammock: What a fantastic way to just relax…
  • Go fishing: Ft. Loudon Lake is a nice place.

Some other fun activities to do while you are going on vacation would be:

  • Swim in the ocean: Watch out for those fish.
  • Get some ice cream on the boardwalk: What flavor will you choose?
  • Build a sandcastle: Don’t forget the moat or the ocean will wash it away!
  • Watch the sun set from the beach: Such a pretty sight to see…
  • Collect sea shells: make a game and see how many sand dollars you can find.

Lastly, whether staying at home or going on vacation this summer, here at some ideas to do during the evening hours when it is not too terribly hot!

  • Catch fireflies: I remember always putting them in a mason jar for my own live night light.
  • Have a bonfire and make s’mores: YUM!
  • Go camping in the backyard: Anyone up for some scary stories?
  • Stargaze while lying on a blanket in the grass: Can you spot the little dipper?
  • Family movie night in the backyard: With homemade box cars and the outdoor projection screen to make your own drive-in theater.

 Hope these ideas give you and your family some fun memories to share. Have a great summer from all of us at iSS.

iSS, LLC is now proudly offering three different “Connected Home” solutions for Builders and Homeowners

on Tuesday, 17 June 2014. Posted in Knoxville Home Automation


The Secured Home, The Green Home, and The Connected Home are three packages we are introducing to homeowners as well as builders. Each option is designed to each client’s specific needs and budgets.

The Secured Home is a basic and effective security system that can be integrated into future automation packages. This option includes coverage on all doors and windows, 2 keypads, 1 motion, and 1 siren.

The Green Home includes everything that the Secured Home has plus energy management features. The features of this option include additional security notifications utilizing, two wireless lamp modules, and one thermostat.

The Connected Home provides a homeowner everything in the first two solutions as well as additional home automation needs and music solutions. Two rooms with music capabilities, 1 lighting control switch and 2 lighting control dimmers, all powered by Control4.

In 2006, builders scaled back drastically of what they were putting in homes; unfortunately technology was the first thing to go. The last two years we have seen an increase in the technology that builders are including in their projects because homeowners are demanding advanced technology in their day today life. Products powered by Control4 are allowing us to meet these demands. With these options being introduced into the marketplace for homeowners and builders, we are positioned perfectly to help you select the best automation solutions to satisfy your demands.

 If these solutions sound like something you need, please call us at 865-690-0154.


Lighting Control

on Wednesday, 07 May 2014. Posted in Knoxville Home Lighting Control


Have you ever wondered what it would be like for your home to become a work of art? Or more importantly ever forget to turn off the kitchen light after you just laid down for the night? I know I have. Lighting control can help you with creating scenes to display your home the way you want or turning that light off you left on in the kitchen.

The benefit of lighting control is that it can easily integrate with your whole home automation using very simple, elegant keypads. Just think, after a long day at work your own house welcomes YOU home. Lighting control is more than just simply turning on and off a light, it is thinking outside the box. It allows you to have endless possibilities in creating an amazing get-a-away within your living spaces.

Let’s say you are having a dinner party, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to set the right mood by dimming the lights just right, start your playlist at the perfect volume in all the right rooms, and adjust the thermostat to provide the correct amount of comfort with just with a touch of a button? With lighting control being the central component of this whole scenario, we do this all the time for our clients.

Lighting control can also add an extra layer of security with the touch of a “Vacation” button. Lights will turn on and off at a seemingly random pattern, which gives the appearance that you are home while YOU are on vacation. If you really want to confuse a would be burglar, you can add the same random patterns to T.V.’s and automatic shades. Thus, giving you more comfort and peace of mind knowing that your home is secured that much more.

So if you would like help in creating your masterpiece or just need help in making sure all the lights are off at night, call iSS at 865-690-0154. We are here to give you better solutions for enhancing your lifestyle.


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