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UT Game Day Gear

on Wednesday, 21 August 2013. Posted in Knoxville Home Audio

With kickoff only 9 days away, it's time to start getting all your big orange gear ready for another season. Lucky for you, we've compiled a list of all our favorite stuff to get you game day ready.

1. Woven Tristar Tie in Orange from Volunteer Traditions

There is no doubt you'll be the most dapper fan at the game with this festive orange tie. Going for a more casual look? Volunteer Traditions also has a great selection of shirts, pullovers, and hats.

2. Power T Tervis Tumblers

These tumblers are perfect for game day. Whether you're tailgating on campus or watching from home, these tumblers will keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages ice cold. They come in all kinds of different designs and are made right here in America.

3.  Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses with Dark Havana Orange Frame

Ray-Bans never go out of style. Throw in some classis clumasters with an added hint of orange in the frame and you'll be the coolest Vol fan on the block.

4. Tennessee Volunteers Pet Hat from Football Fanatics

We can't leave out all the pups on our list. This adjustable dog hat is perfect for any sized pooch looking to show off some good old fashioned volunteer pride.

5. Sonos Playbar and Sub
Watch the game with incredible HiFi sound with the Sonos Playbar and Sub. Then get the party really started after the big win by streaming all your favorite music wirelessly and effortlessly. This pair will provide your guests with soul-shaking sound they won't forget. Rocky Top will never sound the same again. 

Go Vols!

The Reveal!

on Sunday, 14 April 2013. Posted in Knoxville Organized Wiring

A while back we showed you a project we were working on.  It is a perfect illustration that shows just because you purchased quality equipment, does not mean you get a quality system.  The most important decision you make in any project is choosing the professional subcontractor that will give you the greatest level of service before, during and after the sale.  That is what we at iSS strive to do everyday. 

In this particular case, the client had paid a large sum of money for good audio gear.  Naturally they assumed they would receive a professionally installed system that ran just as it was sold to them and give them years of enjoyment.  Unfortunately, this was not the case.  Instead they received a very poor level of service, a rats nest of wire and a system that never performed as it should.   

This project came to us through a referral from a long term client.  Initially we were only going to upgrade their system to a Sonos whole house system, but upon inspection of the wiring disaster, we advised that it would be in their best interest to clean up ALL the wiring and clearly lable all wires so that future service of the system will be efficient and POSSIBLE. 

Needless to say, once we cleaned up the wiring and turned over a very functional system to the client, we made another lifelong relationship.  We are continually trying to ensure that every project we walk away from, the client will have zero hesitation to call us back to perform another service for them.  That was exactly what happened in this case.

If you have a system that could use a little TLC, then we are exactly the company you need.  Call us for a free consultation.


Knoxville Whole House Audio

on Tuesday, 04 September 2012. Posted in Knoxville Audio


A sound system in just one room is not doing you any favors. Knoxville, whole house audio is the way to go. Having a system the entire family will enjoy is easier than ever to possess and control.

The the primary difference between new whole home audio systems and ones past is convenience. Instead of going to each unit to control your system, everything is controlled by your mobile device. You can catalog you music, adjust the volume, even dim the lights if you incorporate a lighting system. Each room can have different volume settings. So, you can play your music louder on the porch, and quieter upstairs. A whole house audio system is thus, great for parties and gatherings.

Another benefit of whole house audio is that systems are built to minimize visual impact. No more bullky equipment stealing space. Speakers can be installed into the walls, and amps can be concealed. You can enjoy your audio systems without the eyesores.

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