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on Tuesday, 09 February 2016. Posted in Knoxville Home Automation

The Many Advantages of Shade Control:


 Whether you’re planning on making renovations to your home by motorizing your window treatments or if you’re in the process of having a new house built, you might want to know about the many advantages of having motorized window blinds. As you’ll soon see, it is not limited to having control over the lighting in the rooms of your home. It offers you so much more. You might be thinking of this as an added expense. Let us assure you that your motorized blinds will pay for themselves even before the year is up!


Benefits of Motorized Shades:


 SAVE ENERGY: Having a motorized shading system can help to save energy! This in turn can mean some great money savings for you! Different scenarios can in different conditions. “Winter warm” opens the shades, taking advantage of sunlight warming a southern façade. “Summer cool” does the opposite by lowering shades and blocking solar heat gain, thereby reducing your cooling costs. In addition, several shading fabrics are made from sustainable materials for complete environmental and energy savings!

 ELEGANCE & AMBIANCE: We work with Lutron and Somfy because their controls are designed to look  and work beautifully. Stylish  control & fabric options coupled with innovative technology elegantly transition a  space to create the right amount of light for any activity. Fabric, wood, aluminum, PVC or leather…possibilities  are endless when it comes to interior shades and blinds. While creating ambiance and lighting effects, your  window coverings also play a significant role in your comfort and privacy.

 CONVEINIENCE: Managing daylight is not restricted to a single wall station in your home. Shading systems can be controlled using  many different keypads, IR remote controls, wireless tabletop controls, mobile devices like your tablet or cell  phone or set to an astronomic time clock for automatic adjustment of shades. Conveniently close or open all your  blinds or shades at the same time, perfectly positioned and aligned, with a touch of a button. No more cables or  strings that get tangled up! These motors are also ideal for large windows, high-up or hard to reach window  coverings. 

 SAFETY & SECURITY: If your window shades and blinds are closed 24 hours a day for  several days, the house will look vulnerable. Also, you run the risk of coming home to find all your plants  have died from lack of sunlight. Don’t be forced to choose between security and living plants. Use your  home automation system to automatically adjust some of your window coverings throughout the day or  evening to make sure your plants get the sun they need, while making sure the shades and blinds are  closed up at night to keep prying eyes out.

 REDUCE GLARE & PROTECT FURNITURE: The shading systems we offer diffuse light and prevent glare from washing out a computer or  television screen. Shading systems also protect furniture, fine art, rugs, and even wood surfaces,  from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter by using  shading systems to deflect or harness solar heat.


In The Right Light...Everything is Extraordinary! 

Call today to make your home Extraordinary too! 

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Enjoy An Outdoor AV Haven for all Seasons!

on Thursday, 04 February 2016. Posted in Knoxville Outdoor Technology, Knoxville Flat Screen TVs, Knoxville Audio, Home Theater, Knoxville Home Audio, Knoxville Home Automation

How to Create an Outdoor AV Haven for all Seasons:


How to Create an Outdoor AV Haven for all Seasons:

If you’re planning your new home, you’ve probably noticed that “interior” design has found its way outside. In modern homes, the backyard patio, deck or pool area can often be as elaborate as any inside space, sometimes incorporating a full kitchen, extensive seating and dining areas, and, of course, electronic entertainment. That means getting sound and video, normally enjoyed under the protection of a roof, safely outdoors. It also means being sure your AV equpiment is protected from the weather in all seasons.          

Outdoor Sound:

There are several approaches ranging from simply plopping down a wireless portable speaker that can be brought back inside when its too cold or the weather is bad to permanent, wired solutions.

The easiest way to get good sound outdoors today is with the new generation of high performance wireless speakers. Most use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi communication  to route Internet radio services like Pandora or your favorite playlists from your phone, tablet or computer to the speaker. Some of the newest and best options for this would be the Bose Soundlink II or one of there cheaper options might be the SoundLink Mini or SoundLink Color. Another great option would be the new Sonos Play:5 smart speaker. All have AMAZING sound and are the easiest route to go for sound. Keep in mind that Bluetooth transmission range usually tops out around 30 feet; Wi-Fi solutions will go farther.

For those looking for more permanent and wider range solutions, I recommend checking out Sonance's Landscape Series. Sonance Landscape Series is a totally scalable outdoor speaker system that delivers perfectly-even coverage and unbelievable sound quality throughout any sized space. SLS provides jaw-dropping sonic performance from small satellite speakers and below-ground subwoofers that are hidden completely out of sight amongst plants and under foliage.                  

Outdoor TVs & Screens:                

Enjoying your outdoor space can also mean watching television sports coverage by day and sharing a movie by night. Bringing video outside is more complicated than audio due to both the weather elements and the need to feed both audio and video signals along with AC power. If you only desire to keep an eye on the big game while you put away a few beers with the gang, most small indoor LCD televisions are light enough to carry outdoors in fair weather and plop down on the patio table. They can be easily brought back inside during inclimate weather or on colders days.

For a bigger screen and more permanent arrangement, you’re probably looking at investing in a dedicated, weatherproof outdoor television. Manufacturers like SunBrite and SEURA make LCD televisions up to 80 inches that are ensconced in housings designed to keep the elements (and animals) out and temperatures within normal operating range.           

 Want bigger? Of course, the ultimate outdoor big screen experience calls for home theater-style front projection, with a separate projector and screen. A permanent installation might involve the use of a glass rear-projection screen mounted on an exterior wall facing the outdoor viewing area. A dedicated projector shed can also be created with the screen mounted on the side facing a pool or patio area, though forced ventilation or even air-conditioning might be required to keep the projector cool. There are also companies like Camp Chef and Stuart Film Screen that provide easier options like The Outdoor Big Screen or Stuarts Outdoor Oasis Series Screens. These are the ultimate in portable screens!

Outdoor Control:     

Thanks to Control4 the options in automating & controling your outdoor oasis are practically unlimited now a days. There are also several great options that help you control things with just the touch of a button to help keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter and protected from the elements. For example, we have a customer who has a mostly covered patio area but it is still subjected to the outdoors and the weather. For him we set it up so that at the touch of a button he is able to turn on and off heaters throughout the area, turn the outdoor fireplac eon and off, control the ceiling fans, and even bring down or put up bug screens surronding the space! Again the possibilites are endless!


Call us TODAY to Start Designing Your Own Outdoor Haven you Can ENjoy Year Round!

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Move Over 4K... 8K is on It's Way!

on Wednesday, 27 January 2016. Posted in Knoxville Flat Screen TVs

4K vs 8K


Forget 4K, 8K TV is the window into the future we’ve been waiting for!


The market has been flooded in recent years with higher resolution TVs that promise more detail and better picture quality. For television buyers, there’s only one letter that will truly matter in the future and that’s the letter K. Consumers who have shopped for TVs lately have undoubtedly been asked what version of high definition they’re after. The vast majority of televisions today come with a 1080p resolution. Recently, however, an increasing number of televisions have hit store shelves that deliver 4K resolution. 

While most consumers are still just barely getting used to the idea of a 4K HDTV, companies at CES are looking to the future already. In fact, both Samsung and LG were excited to show off crazy high-res 8K TV’s at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

Last year we saw 110-inch 4K HDTV’s with 3D, smaller TV’s with curved screens and more, but this year Samsung and LG are taking things to an entirely new level. They showcased 98-inch curved and bezel free 8K HD TV’s.Teasing what they claim are the future of TV, and will be the future for the next 10 years! Samsung calls it an SUHD display, and they’re simply stunning to look at.


Click here to See the 8K TV for yourself!

Call us Today to learn more and to take the next step towards the FUTURE of TV!

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Automation & Energy Management

on Friday, 22 January 2016.

Conserving energy at home shouldn’t require you to sacrifice comfort or make you feel deprived. With an automation system in control of your house, you don’t need to be uncomfortable or inconvenienced to conserve energy. The system is able to operate the lights, thermostats, and other power-hungry devices with the best efficiency. The system gives you the power to easily shave money off your monthly utility bill. Here are five ways an automation system can help manage energy efficiency:

  1. All Off:  No longer worry about if you left a light on, a curling iron heating up, or the music playing as you leave the house. An “All Off” command, which can be issued from a keypad, touch screen, tablet or your smartphone can tell an automation system to sweep through the house to turn off and adjust devices as needed. The closing of the front door, the arming of a security system or a signal from a motion sensor can also be programmed to trigger the house wide “All Off” command.
  2. Curtain Call: Sunlight can quickly heat up a room, causing your AC system to go into overdrive. Motorized shades, when automated, can close at certain times of the day or when a sensor notices a heavy amount of sunshine.
  3. Stat Patrol: Thermostats can be finicky pieces of technology. But with an automation system in charge, their built-in schedulers become easier to manipulate. Plus, you’ll be able to sync the stats with the operation of other electronic devices; for instance, when the automation system tells the lights to turn off; the thermostats can automatically set back too.
  4. Spin Cycle: Ceiling fans help circulate warm and cool air, making your heating and cooling system work more efficiently. By automating the fans, they can turn on and off at certain predetermined times of the day.
  5. E-Motion: Use motion sensors to make sure lights are only on when people are actually in the room. Why waste energy lighting an unoccupied room? And we all know that kids – and some adults – have a physical inability to turn a light off when they leave a room. Motion sensors ensure that lights are on for safety and use when a room is occupied, and go off when they are no longer needed.

Our company offers several energy efficient products and automation options for you to choose from! From Control4 and Nest Thermostats to lighting control and full home automations systems weve got youu covered! Call us today to discuss your options and start saving energy and money today! 

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