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Securing the Exterior of your Home

on Thursday, 31 July 2014.

When you hear 'home security' what comes to mind? Security systems designed just for the interior of a home? While a security system can do a lot to keep intruders out, the right outdoor lighting can do a lot to keep problems from arising in the first place.

Lighting is a homeowner’s best friend when it comes to protecting home and property. Burglars love the darkness and feed on creeping around in the shadows. A poorly lit home reads like an invitation for them to commit a robbery. There is no such thing as having too much lighting inside and outside your home.

Strategically placing outdoor lights can deter potential intruders. Criminals do not want to be identified which is why they target property that offers them the most protection from neighbors and passersby.

Here are 5 tips to consider when securing your exterior:

1. Install motion sensors

Nothing startles a burglar and stops them dead in their tracks better than an exterior light suddenly flipping on as they are snooping around. When you install exterior lighting that operates on motion sensors, it gives the appearance that someone is home – even when no one is there.

2. Use light timers

Timers operate on the same principle as motion sensors. They offer a burst of light inside your home at opportune times. It combines nicely with exterior lights to create the illusion that your house is occupied at times when you are away. The important thing is to use variation concerning when the lights switch on and off. Light timers should not offer predictability. Program the timers so they alternate between different rooms every few minutes each night.

3. Put lights out of reach

Install exterior lights on the corners of your house that can shine in more than one direction. With easy to reach lights, such as porch lights, it takes virtually no time at all for a burglar to simply unscrew bulbs, cut wires or otherwise tamper with them. Most burglars are not going to take the time to climb a ladder and disable lights. Their goal is to not draw attention to themselves.

4. Use multiple lights everywhere

Installing multiple lights works wonders in keeping your house and your entire yard well lit. Using more lights inside and outside sends the right message to burglars and lets them know your residence is off limits.

5. Choose energy saving bulbs

Meeting your lighting needs for protecting your home does not come cheap and your energy bill will naturally rise when you use multiple lights on your residence. One of the best options for cutting costs is to purchase and use energy saving light bulbs for your indoor and outdoor lights.

You can find a variety of LED lights and other types of energy saving light bulbs that use more efficient technology than a typical incandescent or fluorescent lamp. Not only do these light bulbs cost less to operate, they also have a longer life. It means you save money in more ways than one because you will spend less time replacing burnt out light bulbs during the year.

Hope these tips help you in securing the exterior of your home. If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Practical Uses for Home Automation

on Friday, 11 July 2014. Posted in Knoxville Home Automation

things you may not realize you can do

Have you ever thought that your own kitchen could alert you if the refrigerator door was left open? Or have your motorized shades or blinds be automated with the seasons? Have movie ambience with one push of a button? There are so many possibilities that home automation systems can do for you, which have not been fully recognized until now!

Imagine for a moment- you’re in your home preparing that delicious meal for the family when gradually your kitchen lights starts to flash. Then they start flashing a little more. Why? Well lighting control and energy management devices can allow you to set a timer and coordinate it with your kitchen lights if ever that refrigerator door has been left open. You will never have to worry about spoiled milk again!

Another cool gadget is a device that can alert you if someone opened the medicine cabinet. I know little hands can be so curious! It doesn’t matter how out of reach or out of sight, children and teens always seem to find things. Now you can receive text messages anytime the door is opened!

 What is cooler than an automated home? An automated home that does not rack up the utility bills to operate it! Many automation system options give you additional features for security, lighting control, and energy management.

For example, you can easily ward off potential dangers by setting an outside speaker to imitate a barking dog and  turn on lights. You can sleep peacefully knowing that you have an added level of protection before an actual break in. These are just some ideas for getting maximum peace of mind from your security system.

Also, additional energy management feature is moisture sensors that knows when it has rained or not, therefore, the system intelligently knows when to water and when not to. That beautiful garden and lawn of yours will always be looking great.

Finally, you may not realize that your home can let you know how it is doing. What if the air conditioning unit decided to break down while taking a hike or vacationing on a sunny beach? If the temperature hits a certain level the system will alert you. These are possibilities that any true automation system make a reality that are often over looked, not by iSS though.

iSS, LLC is now proudly offering three different “Connected Home” solutions for Builders and Homeowners

on Tuesday, 17 June 2014. Posted in Knoxville Home Automation


The Secured Home, The Green Home, and The Connected Home are three packages we are introducing to homeowners as well as builders. Each option is designed to each client’s specific needs and budgets.

The Secured Home is a basic and effective security system that can be integrated into future automation packages. This option includes coverage on all doors and windows, 2 keypads, 1 motion, and 1 siren.

The Green Home includes everything that the Secured Home has plus energy management features. The features of this option include additional security notifications utilizing, two wireless lamp modules, and one thermostat.

The Connected Home provides a homeowner everything in the first two solutions as well as additional home automation needs and music solutions. Two rooms with music capabilities, 1 lighting control switch and 2 lighting control dimmers, all powered by Control4.

In 2006, builders scaled back drastically of what they were putting in homes; unfortunately technology was the first thing to go. The last two years we have seen an increase in the technology that builders are including in their projects because homeowners are demanding advanced technology in their day today life. Products powered by Control4 are allowing us to meet these demands. With these options being introduced into the marketplace for homeowners and builders, we are positioned perfectly to help you select the best automation solutions to satisfy your demands.

 If these solutions sound like something you need, please call us at 865-690-0154.


How WE beat any 'Top Security Company'

on Friday, 16 May 2014. Posted in Knoxville Home Security

Mass marketing security only provides the homeowner with a very basic and ineffective alarm system. Security companies like ADT will provide you with “peace of mind” but never security.

For example, ADT will install an alarm panel and a front and a back door motion sensor. What about the side door and all the windows? Unfortunately, ADT’s basic package is only a panel and a couple motion sensors, a simple design to allow you to enter a pin number when you leave and when you come home. If you are asking above what their basic package is you will pay a lot more than what you expected. 

Another thing to think about is when they come to sell you one of their security packages; you are leasing their equipment not purchasing it. The service they try to provide you is very little and their technicians are only there to install a system and be in and out of your home within just a few hours. Also, if you ever have any trouble with the system, it will sometimes take a technician anywhere from a week to a few weeks to come to your home and fix any problems you may have.

Mass marketing security is only good at one thing….. MARKETING! If they truly cared about you and your home would they not do a better job in providing you with exceptional service? They would make sure you had peace of mind AND security. Not one or the other.

Our philosophy is to have the knowledge and  experience to provide our clients with better life  solutions. From start to finish of an installation and  beyond we know exactly what we did for you.  Attention to detail and compassion shows within our work and we will never treat you like a sale. You are always a client, but more importantly a close friend.

At iSS, we take pride in providing our clients with  peace of mind, security, and amazing customer  service. As a home owner you will never have to  worry about a thing. We are with you every step of  the way to make sure you have solutions that work. If you ever have a problem or just need to ask a  question we are always here to take your calls.

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