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Lutron Cordless Cellular Shades

on Monday, 12 November 2012.


Imagine it's a beautiful sunny afternoon. Rays of light are beaming into your home and a bit into your eyes. You approach a window to lower the blinds just a little, to remove the glare. However, your seemingly easy plan is foiled by an uncooperative cord. You struggle and tug  the string left and right, but the shades won't drop. When they do, one side falls while the other remains to mock your efforts. It's the age old tale of the battle of the blinds. Good news is you no longer have to be taunted by an inadament object.

Lutron's Cellular Shades are your solutions. Say goodbye to sloppy, cord controlled shades and blinds, and hello to sleek, remote controlled replacements. These shades are great for entertainment rooms, nurseries, and for hard to reach windows. With the touch of a button, you can draw the blinds all at once from your phone or a remote. It's never been easier to get the lighting control you need instantly.

Cellular shades come with 3 year batteries for your convenience. The shades themselves are available in a variety of colors and textures to complete any room's look. Additionally, there are three options for opacities: translucent, filtered, and room darkening. The more opaque, the more insulation the shades provide.

To learn more about Lutron's Cellular Shades, give us a call. See the difference they can make in your home.


Knoxville Shade Control

on Sunday, 15 July 2012.

Hey Knoxville, let's talk about shades. Surely yours are getting a lot of use this summer. Shade control is a very necessary and very dull aspect of owning a home, or at least until now. Lutron's plethora of shade control options speak to everyone with their beautiful designs and smart operation. Not only will you be pleased with how they function, but you might even enjoy selecting the perfect pick for your home. Here's why:

Multiple Style Options

Choose from Venetian blinds, Roman shades, roller shades, drapery, vertical drapery, cellular, and skylight shades in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials.

Safety Features

Cord-free design provides a clean look that is safe for children.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Shades are retrofittable and do not require holes in walls. Fabrics are dust resistant. Shades are
Motorized and come with long life batteries. You can even control them from your phone.

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Lutron's RadioRA2

on Monday, 09 July 2012. Posted in Knoxville Home Lighting Control

RadioRA 2 offers control of lights, shades and temperature from wall or tabletop keypads, as well on your mobile device.

The main benefit of a keypad is that you can create customized “scenes”- predetermined setting for lights, shades, and temperature.

When you press a keypad button, lights, shades, and temperature automatically adjust to the levels you designated for that scene. The number of buttons on a keypad is based on the number of different scenes you want to create in a room. Control from a keypad also means you’re always in touch with your system- from your car, your bedside, or your vacation home. This translates to savings because you can manage energy even when you are away from home.

The RadioRA2 integrates with your home’s existing technology. For example, integration with your A/V system means one button press will soften lights, lower shades, and the projector, and start the movie.

Integration also gives you a convenient way to save energy. The “Green” keypad button automatically dims the lights by 5%, lowers shades, and sets back temperature by 2%.

The RadioRA2 works with up to 200 devices, so you never have to worry about limiting the control you have over your house.  

Call 865.690.0154 to book your free energy assessment today, and see how Lutron’s RadioRA2 can save you time and money.

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